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  • Be at least 25 years old;
  • Be the holder of a B1 permit for 2 years.

Our vehicles are fully equipped with everything you need for your trip. You just need your backpack and desire to travel.

They include the following:

  • Bedding, pillows, sheets and duvet. Currently due to COVID issues, this equipment is not included. The beds are delivered with mattress covers and bottom sheets.
    Cleaning kit.
  • Kitchen kit (pans and saucepans, Italian coffee maker, can opener, scissors, corkscrew, cutting board, colander, spatula, tongs and ladle).
  • Management kit (plates, glasses, bowls and cutlery)
    Service kit (toilet fluid, water hose with adapters, electric hose for connection to 220v, extension cord, leveling wedges and pegs for fastening the awning.
  • Camping table and chairs.
  • Butane bottle.

In addition to our personalized and exclusive designs that encourage the adventure of travel, the basic equipment of our camper vans is as follows:

  • 140W Solar Panel
  • outside awning
  • 19″ TV with omnidirectional antenna
  • 300W converter
  • double glass window
  • Cabin cut to increase space
  • Entrance door with window and mosquito net
  • Exclusive high-end two-tone furniture
  • Drawers with automatic and silent limit switch
  • Rear beds (disassembled 1 by 1) 135 x 190
  • Built-in sink and kitchen with 2 burners.
  • 80L or 120L refrigerator
  • Bathroom with window.
  • Indoor and outdoor shower
  • Combi heating/diesel water heater 4000W
  • Electric mirrors
  • Power windows
  • REMIS type cabin blinds
  • Central locking with remote control
  • ABS + ESP
  • Cruise control, cruise control.
  • Manual cabin air conditioning
  • Driver and passenger airbag
    depth adjustable steering wheel
  • Reclining, swivel, height-adjustable driver and passenger seats with 2 armrests
  • USB charging sockets.
  • Multimedia equipment, radio, BT, GPS and rear view camera.

Of course yes. What a pleasure to be able to enjoy our pet in the adventure of traveling. Ask us and we will indicate the conditions.

It is not difficult, but you have to take into account:

  • The dimensions, both height, width and length. A camper van exceeds 2.85 meters, and a motorhome is even higher, so you have to check the heights of bridges, car wash stations and tunnels before crossing them.
  • There is no interior rearview mirror.
  • Being long vehicles, ranging from 6 meters for a camper to 7.40 for a caravan, you have to check the turns well, so as not to take the tail.
  • On the highway, driving a motorhome or camper is not very different from a car. You get used to it quickly and enjoy the tour enormously. In cities and towns you have to be careful with narrow streets, cornices, tree branches and above all pay attention to the gauge of tunnels, bridges or overpasses.

Given that in a large volume camper van that we have at Adventure Campers, the maximum to sleep and travel is 4 people, in case you need more occupancy there is no other choice but to choose a motorhome.

The campervan is definitely the ideal vehicle for couples, but if we have to travel as a family with children, the most advisable vehicle is the Capuchina-type motorhome. In this case the beds are always made and do not interfere with the habitability of the house.

The regulations are like those of cars, children have to go with the same restraint system that they would carry in other vehicles.

In camper vans we do not have an Isofix system, so seats that can be anchored with seat belts are needed. Ask us about its availability,

On the contrary, in almost all our motorhomes we have an Isofix system so that children can use their own seats.

We have roadside assistance insurance that works 24 hours a day all year round. We are covered throughout Europe and countries bordering the Mediterranean. However, you can always contact us for advice.

This is the great dilemma. The difference between overnight and camping. A vehicle is considered to be camping when it has external elements, such as awnings, windows, chairs extended. As a general rule you can sleep anywhere where parking is allowed. But camping only in places expressly enabled for it, campsites or motorhome areas.

The best thing about traveling in a motorhome is the freedom of being able to sleep almost wherever you want. We recommend mobile applications (apps), some with a free or Premium version for a very reasonable cost, in which the travelers themselves recommend places to spend the night. Some of them are:

  • Park4night
  • Caramaps
  • furgoperfect
  • campercontact
  • AutoC Enroute
  • CamperPro

We always fill the tanks with drinking water, but we do not recommend that you drink the water from the clean water tank.

The excess corresponds to the amount that the traveler must pay in the event of an accident, as long as the cost of the repair exceeds the contracted excess. In the event that the cost of the repair is less than the franchise, the traveler will only pay the cost of the repair.

An insurance deductible is applied according to the “one event = one deductible” rule.

The traveler does not pay the excess amount before or during the trip. Rather, it will be the amount that the traveler has to pay in the event that the cost of the repair exceeds the contracted franchise. However, the amount that the traveler pays is that of the deposit, which can be used to cover the excess or the cost of the repair.

The deposit is the guarantee deposit that is delivered directly on the day of departure, before the delivery of the keys. The amount of the deposit is currently set at €700.

The deposit can be delivered by transfer, or by card. This amount will appear in both copies of the rental contract, so any payment that you want to make of the deposit must be supported by the contract and by the proper invoices or estimates if there is damage that cannot be compensated by insurance.

The deposit allows to cover possible internal damages caused by the traveler during the rental (for example: broken dishes, damaged table, cleaning, etc.) as well as any sum owed to the owner if there are damages to the vehicle with respect to the initial state that appears in the rental agreement. Likewise, it can be used to cover excess kilometers when they exceed the mileage chosen by the traveler and/or the amount of the insurance excess, if necessary.

If no anomaly is found on return. The deposit is returned to travelers after checking the condition of the vehicle on the day of return. In case of receiving a fine later, Adventure Campers will contact the traveler for its management.
If there is damage found upon return. If external and/or internal damage is found, Adventure Campers keeps the deposit until it knows the amount of the repairs that must be made.

Both the deposit and the insurance franchise are used to compensate possible damages.

The insurance excess is for external damage: it corresponds to the amount payable by the traveler in the event of an accident during the rental.

The deposit is used for damage to the vehicle not covered by insurance (interior damage, for example: dirty seats, broken crockery, etc.), as well as any sum owed to the owner if there are any defects in the vehicle with respect to the initial state that appears in the rental agreement. Likewise, it can be used to cover excess kilometers when they exceed the mileage chosen by the traveler and the amount of the insurance excess, if necessary. In case of damage, the deposit will be withheld until the cost of the repair is known.

Additionally, we currently have extended insurance to cover the excess, so you can travel safely and calmly with everything covered.

Ask us and we will inform you about it.

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