Everything you need for your motorhome vacation

If you have opted for a motorhome vacation, this post will be of great help so that you do not miss any detail and have the comfort that you can enjoy in your own home. It is important that you plan your trip well before leaving and, in this case, we make you a practical list of essentials.

Everything you need to take for your motorhome trip

In this adventure you will need not to miss small details that make day to day possible. Have a fridge, a basic element to keep food in perfect condition and drinks very cold.

On the other hand, a camping gas will be essential in your trip if you do not want to be based on sandwiches. Also take a portable barbecue, to give more play at mealtimes, and a coffee maker. The smell of coffee and fresh air will be the best good morning you’ve had in a long time.

But let’s not forget the small details and their practicality. The water purifier and other items are essential, such as a trash can, kitchen utensils, rags, cleaning products, folding camping table and chairs, sleeping bags, blankets, sheets, towels, basic tools, flashlight, hose, broom small and picky.

Obviously, you’re going to need a potty or portable toilet. Remember to bring toilet paper, the blue liquid and make the relevant water changes. It is very important that the medicine cabinet is not missing. We also recommend having a cable to be able to connect when possible to external electrical networks and, finally, install an awning if you do not already have one.

At Adventure Campers we have thought of everything. Our Campers and Motorhomes come equipped with everything you need, mentioned above, so you can enjoy your vacation with all possible comforts. Do not forget to bring your mobile charger and a notebook and a pen in case under the starry sky inspiration strikes you or you have to take note about something.

Everything you need for your motorhome vacation
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