Camper rental in Barcelona to go to the snow

Renting a camper in Barcelona

Thinking about enjoying the snow this season? Renting a camper in Barcelona can be the perfect option to slide on your skis or your board in the Pyrenees. At Adventure Campers you can make your rental all inclusive and without surprises. In addition, we tell you the best tips for going to the snow with your motorhome.

Don’t forget about yourself

Snow is a different trip, you need clothing and equipment according to the activity you are going to do. Don’t forget your hat, thermal clothing or ski gloves. Additionally, you will need a couple of extra items to help you inside the camper. A couple of blankets and some thick socks are perfect.

Gas and its extra

Make sure you have the gas charged, we will deliver it to you with the new bottle. Furthermore, it is always good to have an extra one, do not hesitate to contact us. It is, possibly, one of the most important pieces of equipment. It is responsible for providing you with hot air and heating, and for starting the kitchen so that you regain your strength.

Be careful with solar panels

Snow areas usually mean few hours of sun. This means that the batteries may not be fully charged, you need to optimize your consumption. In addition, you will have to turn on the engine every day to charge with it or connect to an external power outlet if you have one.

The chains

Don’t forget the snow chains, you may need them to get there or to leave. Ask us about its availability, and enjoy. Now you are ready to rent your camper in Barcelona without surprises with Adventure Campers and enjoy the snow. Choose your destination and take advantage of the winter season to enjoy a different vacation with your home in tow. Discover the freedom of moving in a motorhome to take advantage of the snow!

Camper rental in Barcelona to go to the snow
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