Where should you park your motorhome?


The time has come to travel in a motorhome all the corners that you had planned. In order for everything to go perfectly, apart from having all the included Adventure Campers services, you have to know where to park your vehicle. We provide you with all the details.

Where to park your motorhome

You go out with your vehicle and one of the aspects to highlight is its parking. You have to comply with the regulations and, of course, find the ideal place to rest.

To begin with, the regulations are clear: you can park in any car parking space, as long as the traffic regulations are followed. However, this will depend on the town hall of the area where you park: in some cases, the parking of our motorhomes is prohibited, so you should inform yourself beforehand. Regardless of your case, we recommend that you carry a copy of DGT instruction 08/V-74 which regulates vehicle parking.

Motorhome parking, on the rise

There are already hundreds of municipalities where there are parking lots for motorhomes. Normally, they are located on the outskirts and, in some cases, have additional services such as fountains, awnings, recreation areas and maps of the area. Many of them are free, while others are paid.

We recommend you to be in a natural place, outside the heat islands of the municipalities. If there is a connection with public transport, you can go to other points to avoid the passage of your vehicle through the center of the town.

Remember, on the other hand, that camping is not allowed in Spain. If you extend a chair, awning or table you will be camping. Look for a specific campsite or area to camp.

When you go on an adventure with your motorhome, remember to follow these tips and know, in advance, where to park. From Adventure Campers we help you: everything is included in the rent, without surprises. Trust us.

Where should you park your motorhome?
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